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Art Deco 18ct Gold , Platinum, Ruby & Diamond, Diamond Shaped Engagement Ring c.1920

£1,875.00 GBP

A very stylish Art Deco ruby and diamond ring in a diamond-shaped design. The top is platinum and the shank is 18ct gold. The rubies are tear drop shapes with rose diamonds in between. The centre diamond is a transitional cut stone. The stones are set in “millegrain” settings. From the French word “mille” for a thousand, and from “grain” has the same meaning in English, it refers to what appears to be thousands of tiny beads upon a metal precipice or edge. Gem set rings often employ this device. It is defined as a technique where a knurling or a millegrain tool is impressed into a metal edge leaving furrows and also beads or tiny ridges of metal.

    • Date & Provenance: 1920 & England
    • Condition: Very good
    • Materials: 18ct Gold, Platinum, Ruby & Diamond
    • Hallmarks: 18 (for 18ct gold)
    • Measurements: Top 13mm x 13mm
    • Current Ring Size: UK L.5 
    • Diamonds weight: 12 points
    • Centre diamond weight: 10 points

Item number: 276N