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A Gold Diamond Buckle ring

£1,250.00 GBP

with a 0.20 carat Diamond set in an eighteen carat gold band. c.1900 Chester, it has a good weight to it and a rich Yellow Gold colour.

The ring measures approx 8mm wide and is the same width all the way round the band.

The buckle motif was especially popular during Victorian and Edwardian times as it represented a full circle, an unbreakable ever-lasting love, and were often given as love tokens and used as betrothal rings and wedding bands.

  • Origin British
  • Period Early 1900s
  • Materials Gold
  • Main Gemstone Diamond
  • Main Gemstone Cut Old Cut
  • Ring Size
  • Carat for Gold 18 K
  • Main Gemstone Carat approx 0.20 carats
  • Hallmark Chester 1900 18ct Gold
  • Dimensions approx 8mm wide

Product REF: 345P