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Victorian Cut Steel Bridal Hair Comb c.1830 **SOLD**

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This sumptuous mid - Victorian Cut Steel bridal comb - measures 16 x 12.5 cm - it’s strong with all the sparkle from the day it was made.

It was cut, faceted and polished by hand around 1830. Cut Steel was prized as it had the art and sparkle of diamonds in the evening candlelight.

It has grace and symmetry similar to a peacock showing their train.

Cut Steel jewellery is jewellery “set” with tiny faceted and polished steel studs, fashioned to resemble gemstones and usually riveted in place. 

    • Date & Provenance: 1830 & England
    • Condition: Very good
    • Materials: Cut Steel
    • Measurements: 16cm x 12.5cm

Item Number: 181N