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Nailsea Glass Earrings **SOLD**

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Very rare Nailsea Glass Earrings


The town of Nailsea is known all around the world, thanks to the enduring legacy of the town’s glassworks.

Established in 1788 by John Robert Lucas on the site of the Hunting Lodge of the Earls of Berkeley, it became one of the most important English glass factories. At its peak, it was the fourth largest glass factory in the UK.
The factory cones dominated the skyline of Nailsea for almost 100 years until ceasing production in 1873. The canal never materialised, and when the coal ran out, it was the final nail in the coffin of Nailsea Glass.
    • Date & Provenance: 1860 & Birmingham
    • Condition: Very good
    • Materials: Glass & Silver