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Arts & Crafts Dorrie Nossiter Dress Clips

£2,500.00 GBP

A pair of Dorrie Nossiter clips with smoky quartz, chalcedony, pink tourmaline & citrine set in silver. Dorrie Nossiter’s work is predominantly from the 1930s but her jewellery is closer in style to the Arts & Crafts movement than the Art Deco jewellery being made at that time.

She was a flamboyant figure with a love for champagne. The Arts & Crafts movement was incredibly important for women as, for the first time, their work was given the same platform and recognition as male artists of the time. 

    • Date & Provenance: 1930 & England
    • Condition: Very good
    • Materials: Silver, Smoky Quartz, Chalcedony, Pink Tourmaline & Citrine

Item Number: 02M