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Jade & Diamond Platinum Drop Earrings c.1930s

£2,250.00 GBP

Stunning Jade & Diamond platinum drop earrings c.1930s

Jade is a semi-precious stone that ranges in colour. Translucent jade is more highly valued than opaque jade. Jade is often cabochon cut. Stones with imperfections are usually carved. Two different minerals are known as jade: jadeite and nephrite. The Chinese have prized jade for thousands of years and regard it as having medicinal properties when worn or ingested as a powder.

    • Date & Provenance: 1930 & England
    • Condition: Very good
    • Materials: Platinum, Jade & Diamonds
    • Hallmarks: 15ct.625, Anchor (Birmingham), U (1894)
    • Measurements: Approx 7.5cm top to bottom

Item Number: 244P